Sizzling Summer Marketing Ideas 

Summer is fast approaching, and with the change in season comes a great opportunity to brighten up and add some sunshine to your marketing! According to the British Retail Consortium, the weather has the biggest influence on consumer behavior after the economy.1 It affects consumers’ emotional state, drives their purchase decisions, and dictates how much […]

Memorial Day Marketing

Memorial Day is right around the corner! While the day itself is spent by Americans honoring their loved ones and should not be expected to bring in high amounts of foot traffic, the week leading up to the holiday can offer many opportunities for business owners. As consumers prepare for their three-day Memorial Day weekend, […]

Establishing a Strong Brand Identity

While branding includes all the visual ways that your organization is represented, brand identity is more about the intention behind your communications, not just how they look.  What Is a Brand Identity? Your brand identity includes nearly anything that represents your company to consumers or affects customers’ overall perception of your business. A brand identity […]

Conscious Consumerism

The consumer model is constantly shifting, with many customers today focusing on what is known as “conscious consumerism,” or buying practices driven by a commitment to making purchasing decisions that have a positive social, economic, and environmental impact.1 Consumers are going out of their way to buy from businesses they consider to be upholding standards […]

Better Hearing and Speech Month 2022

Each May, Better Hearing and Speech Month provides an opportunity to raise awareness about communication disorders. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association founded the month of recognition in 1927 to draw attention to the role of American Speech-Language-Hearing Association members in providing life-altering treatments for those in need.1 The theme for Better Hearing and Speech Month 2022 […]

Spring Marketing Ideas

Spring is in the air! The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and the sun is shining – some days at least! With the change in seasons comes an opportunity to refresh and revamp your marketing! After a long winter, now is the perfect time for reaching people with enthusiasm and new energy! It’s time […]

Defining Your Customer Persona

When was the last time you analyzed your current data and strategy to understand your customers at a deeper level? In order to have a successful marketing strategy, you need to know who you’re marketing to. Defining your customer persona will help you better target your ideal customer. Sometimes known as buyer personas or audience […]

How to Add Value to Your Marketing

Marketing is more important today than ever before. Customers are spending more time carefully searching for well-reviewed products and services and being more mindful of their purchasing decisions.  Having a well-thought-out marketing strategy is absolutely crucial to the success of your business. If you’re not marketing your business, you will not be able to grow […]

Check Your Calendar: Important Dates for the Hearing Industry 

Did you know that February 7th, 2022 marks the beginning of Tinnitus awareness week?! While there are many traditional holidays that you can use to your marketing advantage such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day (check out our blog post “7 Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas that Your Patients Will Love!”) there are also some great lesser-known […]

Converting Calls 101

Inbound calls are the meat and potatoes of growing your hearing practice. 92 percent of all customer interactions happen over the phone.1 With the proper training and a plan, every call is an opportunity. Calls can either allow your business to have a positive engagement with a current patient or to set up an appointment […]