Holiday Season Hearing Aid Marketing

The holiday season is a time when people get together with family and friends. While patients may be more focused on the festivities than they are on scheduling their next hearing care appointment, this is a time for many people when a decline in their hearing will become a bigger problem and made more obvious […]

Facebook Transitioning to ‘Meta’ – What Does It Mean For Your Practice?

A big headline in the news lately has been Facebook switching to Meta. This new name is indicative of what founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg states is the company’s core ambition: to build the metaverse.1 A new brand, distanced from Facebook, ran under the same company. What does a transition from Facebook to Meta really […]

The Perfect Pair: Combining Digital Marketing with Direct Mail

There’s no doubt that digital marketing and direct mail are both essential tools for any business. You might be thinking that if you’re using one, there’s probably not a real need to use the other.  Actually, when the two are paired together you can yield much higher conversion rates overall, especially in the Hearing Care […]