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HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. This act established national standards to protect private and sensitive patient health information.

It give patients more control over their health information, including how it is used and released. Patients are more trusting of practices that uphold these standards. It also is required for practices to do business with healthcare organizations.


There are no shortcuts to becoming HIPAA compliant. There are many protocols and safeguards you must implement to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of protected health information.

To become compliant, you will need to study the full text of the 1996 Act and apply those rules to your own business. This can be a daunting task.

It is strongly recommended that you work with a third-party HIPAA compliance solution provider to help you become compliant and confirm that your policies, procedures, and practices are in line with protocol.

Hipaa risk assessment form and stethoscope.


Vendors interested in working with healthcare organizations are required to provide reasonable assurances that they are aware of the requirements of the act. This includes proper training for all staff and appropriate privacy and security on technology that will be used in connection with ePHI.

There are no shortcuts to becoming HIPAA compliant.

There is no official HIPAA compliance certification federal and state regulators recognize. However, there are companies that can review your practice. Obtaining a certification confirms that the standards have been met. Having one of these certifications reassures prospective clients that their information will be secure.
Third-party audits can also identify any issues, so you can address deficiencies and avoid penalties for noncompliance.
HIPAA compliance is an ongoing process and efforts must continue to ensure that safeguards remain effective.
It can be difficult to create a HIPAA compliant marketing campaign targeted at potential patients. That’s where Beeman Marketing comes in. We can work with you to design unique emails and letters that are effective, while remaining compliant. If you would like to learn more about how Beeman can help revitalize or jumpstart your marketing efforts, click below!

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