Campaign Insertion Order for B2489 – Suburban Hearing Aid Center (as of 9/29/21)

Client Name: Suburban Hearing Aid Center

Job Number(s): SA31131

Co-Op Specs:  NA

Call Tracking: Yes, Beeman-supplied call tracking #

Campaign(s): B2489 – Suburban Hearing Aid Center – SA31131 – SEP/OCT 2021 FB ADS

Total Campaign Spend(s): $1,000

Campaign Goal(s): Build awareness + 4 leads obtained min …

Ad Tactic(s): Facebook only

Campaign Theme/Creative: Custom FB image to complement mailer

Campaign Flight Dates*: 10/7/21 – 10/22/21

Targeting Geo(s)*: 15 mile radius of Pennsburg location

Targeting Demo(s)*: 40-65+ years old, male/female, various hearing-related interests

Minimum Reach: 10,000 people


*Campaign flight dates refers to the time frame in which the ad(s) will be running. This time frame is dependent on Beeman receiving access to the appropriate platforms, as well as all necessary media in a reasonable amount of time. Platform access and all required media must be sent to Beeman no later than 72 hours before the desired start date. Target geos and demos subject to change during the campaign based on overall campaign performance.

DISCLAIMER: Being in the health field, there is a slightly higher possibility that Facebook will reject ad creatives due to their ad guidelines, resulting in Beeman having to make adjustments. If adjustments need to be made, a new proof and IO will be created. This may cause delays in the launch of the campaign.

To accept this IO, please complete the form below. If you do not accept and require revisions, please contact your sales rep.

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